Prom 5 things to know

Proms are among the most important events in young people’s lives. Later on in life prom is usually one of the most prominent high school memories. Along with the dress, corsage, and your date, renting a limo and more frequently a party or limo bus has become one of the key components to a memorable evening. Therefore, it’s important that a teenager’s high school prom experience be as fun, safe and memorable as it can be. While your teen might be incredibly responsible, there’s no guarantee that other teens that might be driving are. Hiring a professional driver from a professional company is a great step towards peace of mind. Of course, if you’re a teenager, the thing that you’re going to care about most is having fun, and a party bus will be able to offer fun in spades. Most party buses are outfitted with equipment that may rival what your teens will find at their actual prom venue. The buses feature nightclub-style sound systems that really crank out the tunes, and they feature incredible lighting, lasers, dance floors and even fog machines. Most importantly though, party buses give teens the chance to spend one more incredible night together.
Here are the top 5 things to remember when researching a company and choosing a bus to rent for your prom.

1. See the bus is person – Its always best to go view the actual bus at the company location prior to putting down a deposit and make sure the vehicle you want is described on the rental agreement by vehicle ID.

2. Place a deposit and sign a contract. Placing a deposit is an important step to securing your vehicle as it ensures that no other group can reserve that vehicle on your prom night. Make sure you receive a contract and return it to the company with signature. With a contract in place both you and the company have agreed to terms and are mutually responsible. Without a deposit or contract you are at risk of having the bus not show up which nobody wants to happen on prom night.

3. Collect all the money from the passengers well in advance. All too often we have seen groups fail to collect the money in advance and when the vehicle arrives the primary contract holder is running around trying to collect from everyone. This creates added un-needed stress and often results in “coming up short” forcing the contract holder to pay the difference due.

4. Cheaper does not mean better. Transportation is expensive business when done safely and correctly. Don’t be tempted to save a few dollars by going with a cheap company because chances are your will receive a cheap service and a cheap vehicle. Safety is not something worth risking and its important to research the company thoroughly before booking. How long have they been in business? How many vehicles are in the fleet? What is the age of the vehicle? Have you checked their google reviews? These are just a few questions to ask when selecting a vehicle for prom.

5. Know the law. The law in Georgia is very clear when it comes to minors and alcohol onboard limousines and buses. If there is any alcohol or drugs present or found at the time of boarding, during the trip, or any one passenger appears intoxicated the company is required by law to terminate the trip without refund. The company can decide whether to return the group to the point of origin, have all the parents come pick up the kids, or call law enforcement. Don’t let the actions of one individual ruin the event for everyone and save the booze for later in life, you will have plenty of time for it as an adult.