Party Buses Are For All Occasions

Party Buses Are For All Occasions

Are you about to attend a wedding and you prefer something different from a limo? Are you going to your prom and you need to make a great impression while having fun during the trip to the venue? Then, a party bus (also known as a limo bus) is the vehicle you need to get to your destination in style. If you are about to celebrate that birthday or graduation party, then you should be aware that the latest trend is to rent a party bus.

A party bus is a large vehicle modified from a conventional vehicle and used for recreational purposes. It can carry 15-44 passengers. Party buses are currently trending and their use can be seen in the latest weddings, proms/homecoming and other celebrations. They offer a different experience compared to limos.

How Are Party Buses Different From Limos?

Generally, limos are used for transporting 2-20 passengers, and the purpose is often more ‘serious’ than when a party bus is used. Party buses, on the other hand, are usually for groups of up to 44 people traveling to an event. The idea of the party bus is to enable a fun atmosphere for recreational activities between groups of people. The atmosphere is more of ‘fun’ than business. These party buses are great for bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Which of these options should you choose as transport to your event? This would come down to individual choice. However, it would be better to take a party bus for certain kind of events. For example, if you and your friends have planned Friday night as ‘’girls’ night out’’, the best transport option would be a party bus. If you rent a party bus, the bus would usually be fitted with several amenities: a CD/music/theater system, stripper poles, laser lights, dance floors, luggage partitions, toilet, disco lights etc. These amenities would ensure you get a great party bus experience.

Limousine rentals have been trending downwards in recent years.

In order to add a bit of spice to their transportation, more people prefer to rent party buses. Also, party buses are more spacious than limos, allowing groups of people to dance while the bus is in transit. The sound system is also better.

What You Need to Know Before Renting a Party Bus

Before renting a party bus, there are certain things you must take into consideration so you can get a great experience.

  1. You should ask lots of questions before hiring. Ensure it has all the necessary amenities that would make your trip fun. Don’t make price a priority. The purpose of renting a party bus is to have a good time. So you should be more concerned about the quality of the bus you are going to hire.
  2. You should do your booking several days before the event in order to ensure you get the bus. With the current rise in the use of party buses, most providers need ample time in order to guarantee you a bus. So book in time to avoid disappointments.
  3. Ensure the bus is registered with the relevant state agencies and has appropriate insurance. This is important in order to avoid legal issues.
  4. Finally, you should bring stuff that would make you really enjoy the facilities and the interior of the party bus: friends, drinks and music.
  5. In spite of its name, party buses are not just for parties. Participants at any event that involves a number of people can use party buses as transport. School trips and team building outings are two events for which you can hire a party bus. These types of party buses would not be fitted with the normal interior of the regular party bus.

Party bus rentals are the hottest trend in transportation and in your next outing, you should consider renting a party bus with your friends in order to get a fun experience.


Who hasn’t held a party at a house or restaurant? It’s fun, but don’t you want to try something different? It’s hard not to get excited when you see a group of happy people laughing, dancing and having fun as they drive by on a party bus. The problem is, you can’t think of any good party bus party ideas.

You don’t actually need any special occasion to hire a party bus. Just wanting to have fun with your friends is enough. Still, there are several common types of parties we have had booked on a regular basis. If you need an idea, just try one of these.


Party buses and tailgate parties might not sound like the perfect match, but it’s the perfect way to spend the day watching the game, drinking beer and hanging out with friends. Imagine not having to worry about traffic or choosing a designated driver. Go to the game or just hang out in the parking lot.


Is there any better reason for a party bus? Celebrate your own birthday or surprise a friend with an evening on a party bus listening to your favorite music, dancing and hitting up the hottest clubs and restaurants around. The best part – no one is stuck with hosting at their own house.


The one thing that holds true for both bachelor and bachelorette parties is they get a little wild. Gather everyone together for a fun night before the big day. Go bar hopping and let everyone join in, play fun games, party your way to a fancy dinner or anything else that comes to mind.


Why should a concert just be a concert? An increasingly popular party bus party idea is a concert party. Forget sitting in boring traffic going into and out of the concert. Just hop on the bus and it’s a non-stop party before, during and after the show. What more could you ask for?


A standard limo is nice for prom, but why limit the dancing to prom? Get a group of other couples or singles together for a prom night party on an exciting party bus. Dance to your favorite music, play games and spend extra time with your friends. Even parents love it since they don’t have to worry about their teens driving around late into the night.


It’s such as hassle trying to find a designated driver. After all, who wants to haul around tipsy friends while they’re stuck being sober? The solution is simple – use a party bus. Climb on board and party all night as your driver takes you from club to club or even bar to bar. All you have to worry about is getting back to the bus at the right time and having fun. It’s the perfect solution for a thrilling, yet safe clubbing night.


Want to check out the latest wine or beer tasting festivals? Why limit yourself just because you have to drive home? Let someone else drive you and let the fun continue by hiring a party bus. You can sample as much as you want and relax on the way home while everyone talks, laughs, watches TV or listens to music.


As you can see, the only limit to party bus party ideas is your imagination. Want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day? Hire a bus. Need a fun girl’s night for no reason at all? Hire a party bus. When you want to party, have fun and be safely transported from place to place, all you need to do is book a party bus with all the amenities you need for your group.


When you’re a parent making preparations for your teenager’s upcoming birthday party (Sweet Sixteen, perhaps), there are sure to be a number of things going through your mind—some may be pleasant, while other may range from mildly to significantly worrisome.

For one, you want your beloved child to have a party that they can enjoy with all of their friends, and that will be memorable thanks to all the fun experiences it will come with. On the other hand, there are the usual parental concerns nagging at your thoughts—you want all guests to be safe and protected from things like alcohol, fights, harmful substances, and drunk driving.

A solution that everyone will love

Instead of making plans to throw a party at home, you can make your teen’s party extra special by having it on wheels. Ever considered hiring limo and party bus services? A party bus, in particular, would be a refreshing change to the usual house party, and it can be the perfect ingredient for that right mix of clean, wholesome fun and safety for your teen and all of her friends.

Here are four excellent reasons to book that party bus:

1. Guests will come to an assigned meeting place for boarding the bus, so everyone will be heading for the destinations all together and at the same time. Having a party bus means that everyone will be taken to two or more different destinations. It can be a logistical nightmare to get everyone in the appointed destinations at the right time if they were to arrive separately, so getting everyone together at the celebrant’s house, for example, so everyone can board the bus and leave at the same time is a great way to make sure that everyone is accounted for.

2. All driving concerns will be taken care of by the highly qualified and experienced chauffeur, so guests can just focus on having fun at the party during the ride, in between stops. All the birthday celebrant and the guests need to do once they get on the party bus is to begin having a good time listening to their favorite tunes, enjoying ice-cold softdrinks, and swapping stories. The driver is in charge of heading for the best routes, avoiding traffic, finding parking spots, and arriving at each stop on schedule.

3. Going to and from several different locations will be more convenient. There’s no need to transfer from one vehicle to another to get to the ascribed locations (concert halls, dance clubs, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.). Everyone just gets on the bus and gets to where they are set to be.

4. Everyone will be safely brought back to the drop-off point at the scheduled time. The teens’ parents will want everyone to come home safely, and the party bus service will see to that. The birthday celebrant and all guests will be dropped off at the designated point so that they can be picked up or easily walk or catch a ride home after all the revelry.

Five Ways Renting a Party Bus Can Make a Bachelor Party Unforgettable

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have become favorite American traditions. The best man or maid of honor typically takes over planning the party. It’s a good idea to consult with the bride or groom and make sure they’re happy with the party ideas too.

While you work out the destinations — whether clubbing, renting a cabin at a resort or staying in a hotel — consider making the trip there part of the festivity. How? By renting a party bus.

A Party Bus Can Make the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Unforgettable Because You Can…

  • Begin the party the moment you step onto the bus. When riding on a party bus, there’s no need to wait until you arrive at a party venue to start the party. Party buses have stocked bars and music, to name a few party features. Kick off the celebration and make the most of your travel time.
  • Be free from having to designate a driver. Party hearty is typical of bachelorette and bachelor parties. And quite frankly, when everyone is drinking and having fun, no one usually wants to be the designated driver. With a party bus, you have a professional driver at the wheel.
  • Enjoy luxury while you travel in style. Party buses are luxury vehicles with state-of-the art amenities, such as stocked wet bars, fiber optic lighting, televisions, surround sound systems, DVD and CD players, posh seating and more.
  • Leave traffic, directions and parking to the driver. Forget about stressing — fighting traffic, getting lost, continuously consulting directions and trying to find parking. No one should be saddled with driving when you can have a professional take you there safely — including home when the party is over.
  • Go the extra mile for a special night out. In years to come, close friends will remember this ultra special occasion. It signals the end of being single and the beginning of a wonderful relationship. And when you make it truly special, you give the best send-off!